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Public Affairs, Communication, Public-Private Strategies

Do not foresight: envision and prepare

Purpose-aligned public affairs strategies, public-private business development and communications to prepare our industries, governments and societies, in present time, to be antifragile and resilient. 

  • Public Relational Intelligence
  • Geopolitical intelligence tailored to devise impact on your core business units
  • Literacy-As-A-Service for devising mission-driven business opportunities
  • Market research & intelligence content for location-specific silos
  • Spot & engage innovation strategies

A grand strategy goes hand in hand with VC and scaling up efforts. See if your market-ready solutions fit the purpose-led missions we are willing to help. Write to us at hi@missionoriented.eu

  • Public Affairs & Government Relations
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Policy creation & Development (Single issue / Grand Strategies)
  • Ad hoc Data Privacy Strategies
  • Communications Strategy & Campaigns
  • Brand Positioning
  • Structured Dialogues
Building a literate, connected, securely-communicated society: up to its century's challenges.

Our story


We believe that values, purpose, wealth and wellness for most societies pend on the deployment of digitally-secured infrastructures and environments.


Cross-sectoral innovation, pooled industrial efforts, regulation, competition and a need for trust characterize the future of connectivity and communications worldwide.


To assist you in delivering and scaling your business, we help you navigate these challenges, enabling a way for your business value proposal to thrive.


We help you understand others, see what’s next, and make it happen.

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Maria Luque

Founder & CEO

7 years of Public Affairs,  Communications, Strategy & Intelligence.


Making things happen.

Nicholas Salas


5 years of Advocacy & Communications.


Creative, agile, fast.

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