Scale your tech product in alignment with the public interest

Public affairs strategies and deep, simple communication of the most pressing and complex issues: to help our industries, governments and societies understand emerging technologies, use and regulate them with intention

  • Public Relational Intelligence
  • Geotech intelligence and regulatory impact assesment
  • ESG Analysis and technology uses cases towards public administrations
  • Emerging Technology Impact Assesment (ETIA) for digital and quantum technologies
  • Market research & intelligence content for location-specific silos
  • Public Affairs & Government Relations
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Policy creation & Development (Single issue / Grand Strategies)
  • Communications Strategy & Campaigns
  • Brand Positioning
  • Public Structured Dialogues to foster deliberative decision-making in technology
  • Spot & engage innovation strategies

A grand strategy goes hand in hand with VC and scaling up efforts. See if your market-ready solutions fit the purpose-led missions we are willing to help. Write to us at

Building a literate, connected, securely-communicated society: up to its century's challenges.

Our story


We believe that values, purpose, and the pursue of health and wellness for societies must shape the deployment of digital and technological infrastructures, and the creation of emerging technology businesses ecosystems.

To deliver tomorrow’s technologies with intention, understanding and collaborating are key.

At Mission-Oriented, we assist science & technology companies in delivering and scaling their businesses with purpose, and help public administrations and society understand what, why and how will these technologies impact our lives.

Getting all sides on board.

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From cybersecure quantum networks to the politics of the global quantum gap.

Navigate the deployment, governance and adoption of quantum technologies responsibly. And let the world know.


From Large Language Models to Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Navigate the deployment, governance and adoption of cognitive technologies responsibly. And let the world know.


 Mission-Oriented Quantum Initiatives LTD. is aimed at bridging the silos of academia, private companies, and governments in the responsible development and implementation of quantum, cognitive and space technologies.

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