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New briefing: Scaling the critical infrastructure of Smart Cities

Intelligence and potential market opportunities to leverage innovation and protection of Smart Cities critical connectivity infrastructure: electrical / energy grids, secure sensoring… Request it now!


Mission-Oriented helps you hop into the space exploration race

Mission-Oriented Ltd. joins ESA as an SME to foster public-private strategies, foresight and communication to help businesses shape the future of human presence in space.


"Government After Shock" Report is out

What needs to change to move us forward?
Download our joint report, together with the Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI-OECD) on how these lessons apply to governancesystemic resilience for public management, and the digital and technological transformation of our nations.

It is time to pool ourselves into better futures. Happy 2021!

As 2020 comes to an end, we wanted to share some final thoughts on our purpose, vision and mission. Our dear friend, let us tell you:

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"Smart Nations After Shock" succesful event launch!

+4 participating countries and a global audience. This is the first panel on the concept of Smart Nations, globally, and we hope that this overview has been of your interest, as it has been for the key stakeholders that we have sat at the table. Thanks to the United Nations, the OECD, AI companies Taiger, Minsait (INDRA) and Tencent Cloud, and our young public policy and urban tech experts for setting the first stone.

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Our CEO joins strategy group to develop a communications infrastructure in space (IPN)

While the design of the Interplanetary Internet (IPN), sometimes called the Solar System Internet, began in 1998 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, it has reached a new stage of maturity as NASA, ESA, JAXA among others plan infusion of the delay and disruption tolerant Bundle Protocol (BP) into current and planned missions and infrastructure.